The Revelation Store started in 2023 after the idea came to me in the middle of the night at around 2 a.m. I was wide awake and felt what I needed to do. After kicking against so many things for so long, from now on, it was time to do things differently. The next day the first sketch came onto paper and the idea transmuted into reality.

The products that we are selling here are products that have helped me and many others on this journey we call 'my life'. If they helped us become better people, why wouldn't they be able to help others? They are all 100% natural, without any genetically altered substances. There is no big company behind us that only cares about making more money for less costs. We care about us; and with that we care about you. It may be rough at times, but at least we have each other. Let's stay connected and change for the better.

Our goal is to spread the message of love, truth and togetherness around the globe - especially in times of stress, fear and oppression. Stand up for your rights and free yourself from any mental imprisonment. With love in your heart and the light by your side you can achieve anything. Everything will be good. We are here to connect worlds.