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Organic Chaga

Organic Chaga

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The Cleanser

The diamond of the forest, Inonotus Obliquus or Chaga. A burnt looking mushroom with a beautiful orange-golden color inside. Found originally in colder climates on birch trees, this mushroom is known for its high level of antioxidants.

Chaga may cleanse or detox your body and support your natural defenses and vitality. It is said Chaga has the highest ORAC value of all plant-based food in the world. This means it will work its ass of to scavenge free radicals in your body (caused by polluted air, stress, smoke, make-up, alcohol, etcetera). In this way The Cleanser will keep your body young and your DNA clean.

  • Full spectrum blend (90% fruiting body and 10% mycelium)
  • 100% organic mushroom powder in veggie capsules


Please rest assured that all of our mushrooms aren't psychoactive and won't make you hallucinate. We get asked this question a lot. They do however are adaptogenic and rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides; boosting your natural defenses in numerous ways.

Fighting diseases

There are studies that show this mushroom might fight certain diseases. We believe in the power of our products, but we won't make any claims about this. We encourage you to do your own research if you want to try any of our products yourself. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to reach out or to check the FAQ.

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