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White Moonstone bracelet

White Moonstone bracelet

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The Traveler's Stone

White Moonstone is connected to the moon and the feminine energy. It promotes intuition and fertility and works calming on your emotions. It may improve your sleep and help you recollect your dreams better. While it is a good stone for women it may very well be used by men.

The stone is mostly connected to the second chakra (sacral).

  • 100% natural gemstone bracelet
  • Slight variations in color or shape
  • Ever-changing supply 

Experiencing a gemstone

If you visualize your body as having a hundred chambers, with a gemstone you might experience the feeling of having an extra chamber. In this way the gemstone could provide you with extra space to work in, with feelings or with certain strengths. It will be easier to tap into certain vibrations.

For this to work it is crucial to have an open mind and to be somewhat calm with yourself. It is one of the gifts of mother earth. We feel that the experienced effects may differ from person to person and from situation to situation. We kindly advice to just try it for yourself and to see what resonates. 

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